Abstracts in Alcohol Inks - Workshop in Tannum Sands.


Dates: Saturday 19th August.
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Place: Castletower Room C4
Address: Hayes Avenue, room is off the small carpark to the left of Boyne Island Library.
Cost: $68 per person
Maximum of 12 people per class.
Includes: Use of all inks and mediums, protective gloves, aprons and masks, art papers.
The price also includes a shared platter with some gluten free options.

BYO drinks and glasses.

Alcohol Ink is an interesting and fun medium to work with. There are so many possibilities and the exciting thing I find with this medium is that you can experiment and come up with something completely different and often not what you predicted each time. It is a relaxing experience to watch the inks glide across the non absorbent paper and blend into each other creating different effects.

In this workshop participants will watch a demonstration of how to use the different inks with blending fluid and how to create an attractive abstract design in a range of colour schemes. Each participant will practise using the inks then create 2 x A4 artworks, or 4 x A5, whatever you prefer. These abstract designs can also be cut up and used as designs to put on greeting cards if you wish.

Aprons, gloves and P2 masks are provided for your protection, but please wear suitable clothing for art.


The Alcohol Ink has a strong smell to it. The room is well ventilated but using many inks with a few people means you will definitely smell it. A mask is provided (P2 ) for you to use while using the inks. . The room is big enough and has ventilation to use the inks safely however I do like to make people aware the smell can be quite strong when you are working up close with the inks..

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