Ninja Colours - Wooden Tray Puzzle - JPN-K

$35.00 - $46.00

Ninja Colours - Wooden Tray Puzzle A4 or A3

-A4 finished size (21cm x 29.7cm)
-A3 finished size (29.7cm x 42cm)
- various choices in number of pieces (see options below)
- Store flat in the tray - Keep track of pieces!
-A fun way to learn Japanese!
-Encourages social interaction and teamwork while learning
-Engaging activity for individual or group activity
- A4 puzzle weight approx 300g
- A3 puzzle weight approx 600g
- Please allow up to four weeks for delivery
- For school orders please see Educational Puzzles Information page.

Photos show 48 piece puzzle and rear sheet.

Language features:

Colours: purple -murasaki 紫 むらさき、green - midori みどり 緑、yellow - kiiro きいろー黄色、blue - ao あお 青、white - shiro 白 しろ、red - aka 赤 
あか、pink - pinku ピンク、orange - orenji オレンジ、brown - chairo 茶色
ちゃいろ、black-kuro 黒 くろ.

Cultural themes:
- Ninja
- A website with info about Ninja for kids

Suggested use:

Learning hiragana and kanji for colours in Japanese.

For more info about the puzzles please see Educational puzzle information page.

Copyright Information: A commercial license has been obtained for use of all clip art in the puzzle designs. Photography is by Caro Thornton Art. Puzzle designs are copyright of Caro Thornton Art.

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