Giouji Japanese language and Culture - Wooden Tray Puzzle -JPN-B

$35.00 - $46.00

Giouji Japanese language and Culture Wooden Tray Puzzle A4 or A3

-A4 finished size (21cm x 29.7cm)
-A3 finished size (29.7cm x 42cm)
- various choices in number of pieces (see options below)
- Store flat in the tray - Keep track of pieces!
-A fun way to learn Japanese!
-Encourages social interaction and teamwork while learning
-Engaging activity for individual or group activity
- A4 puzzle weight approx 300g
- A3 puzzle weight approx 600g
- Please allow up to four weeks for delivery
- For school orders please see Educational Puzzles Information page.

About this puzzle design:

Just like the Giouji Hiragana Puzzle, this puzzle features another image from the stunningly beautiful Giouji Moss Temple in Kyoto.

This puzzle is designed as a visual feast for students to inspire them to want to know more about Japan. It has several culturally themed graphics with accompanying Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana.

(Sample shown is 126 pieces on A3)

Language features

Kanji: numbers 1 to 5 一、二, 三 四、五、 Japanese language 日本語,
Cherry Blossoms桜, Mountain山, Snow雪, Mt Fuji 富士山, eye目, dog犬,
folding fan 扇子, Autumn leaves 紅葉, Japan日本, love大好き、Tori gate鳥居. temple寺

Hiragana: Autumn leaves kouyou こうよう, one ― ichiいち, two― niに, three ―sanさん, kokeshi こけし, folding fan せんす, cherry blossom さくら, pagoda とう, dog いぬ, eye め, samurai さむらい, tea おちゃ, rice ball おにぎり, Tori gate とりい, mountain やま, Mt Fuji ふじさん, sushi すし, Hiragana vowels あ、い、う、え、お。

Katakana: cakeケーキ, ramen ラーメン

Cultural Themes:

Temples, Kyoto, seasons in Japan, Autumn leaves, Japanese Flag, Japanese Foods (sushi, ramen, matcha cake, onigiri, tea), folding fan, samurai, pagoda, torii gate, Mt Fuji, sumo, cherry blossoms, kokeshi.

For more info about the puzzles please see Educational puzzle information page.

Copyright Information: A commercial licence has been obtained for use of all clip art in the puzzle designs. Photography is by Caro Thornton Art. Puzzle designs are copyright of Caro Thornton Art.

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