Pagoda Hiragana - Wooden Tray Puzzle - JPN-E

$35.00 - $46.00

Pagoda Hiragana A4 or A3 Wooden Tray Puzzle

-A4 finished size (29.7 x 21cm)
-A3 finished size (42cm x 29.7cm)
- Store flat in the tray - Keep track of pieces!
-A fun way to learn Japanese!
-Encourages social interaction and teamwork while learning
-Engaging activity for individual or group activity
- A4 weight approx 300g
- A3 weight approx 600g
- Please allow up to four weeks for delivery
- For school orders please see Educational Puzzles Information page.

Language features:

Puzzle features Hiragana with right to left orientation.
Kanji for ‘Nihongo’ and ‘Yama’.
Hiragana for ‘asobimashou’あそびましょう ‘Let’s play’

Cultural Themes:
Sakura, Kokeshi,girl/boy, monkey, pagoda (tou), sakura, Japanese Flag, fan, daruma, autumn leaves (koyo), Mt Fuji, Kimono, samurai. ramen.

Ideas: This puzzle is great for students to do in pairs or small groups. It will help with character recognition and order. Students can use the guide to assist them to find the kana as this puzzle will be more challenging in parts with kana but no graphics. It encourages students to focus on the shapes and order of the kana.

Set a timer for groups to complete the puzzle! Keep a record and see which group wins the challenge. This can be used to motivate students to learn the order of the hiragana and have some fun competition. Pre-teaching information about the cultural themes in the puzzle will give students more chance to use the target language while completing the puzzle. eg: だるまはどこですか?

For more info about the puzzles please see Educational puzzle information page.

Copyright Information: A commercial license has been obtained for use of all clip art in the puzzle designs. Photography is by Caro Thornton Art. Puzzle designs are copyright of Caro Thornton Art.

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