Kazoku - Wooden Tray Puzzle - JPN-J

$35.00 - $46.00

Kazoku Wooden Tray Puzzle A4 or A3

-A4 finished size (21cm x 29.7cm)
-A3 finished size (29.7cm x 42cm)
- various choices in number of pieces (see options below)
- Store flat in the tray - Keep track of pieces!
-A fun way to learn Japanese!
-Encourages social interaction and teamwork while learning
-Engaging activity for individual or group activity
- A4 puzzle weight approx 300g
- A3 puzzle weight approx 600g
- Please allow up to four weeks for delivery
- For school orders please see Educational Puzzles Information page.

Language features:

Family members: grandfather, おじいさん ojiisan、そぶ sobu / grandmother  おばあさん obaasan、そぼ sobo, / father おとうさん otousan、ちち chichi / mother おかあさん okaasan、はは haha / older brother おにいさん oniisan / older sister おねえさん oneesan / younger brother おとうさん otousan / younger sister いもうと imouto / baby あかちゃん akachan。

Personal Pronouns: Watashi 私 and Boku ぼく

Language structure for saying your age: ぼくは五才です。私は七才です。Boku wa go sai desu.Watashi wa nana sai desu.

Colours:  yellowきいろ kiiro, pinkピンク pinku, greenみどり midori, blueあお ao, purple むらさき murasaki,
red赤 aka,

Included Kanji: Mountain山, Sun日(おひさま/ Family家族 / Father父 / Mother母 / age 才 (years old) / numbers 11 十一 / 7七 / 5五 /  purple紫色 /  blue青 / red赤 / yellow黄色 /green 緑色 / cherry blossoms 桜、

Katakana: pink ピンク

Cultural Themes: Family, sakura, Mt Fuji, Origami (butterflies ちょう), Pagoda (とう)cherry blossoms さくら。

Suggestions for use:
Learn and reinforce family member names, colours and how to say your age. Use for young students as an introduction to family or for older students with extension tasks.

Use the puzzle in a small group of 3-4 students where the pieces are divided between students and they need to ask each other if they have particular pieces.
Eg: Q: 黄色のちょうはどこですか? A:ここにあります.

Use in a rotational activity with the teacher prompting and extending oral language.

For more info about the puzzles please see Educational puzzle information page.

Copyright Information: A commercial license has been obtained for use of all clip art in the puzzle designs. Photography is by Caro Thornton Art. Puzzle designs are copyright of Caro Thornton Art.

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